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The Baker Hughes Interactive Rig Count program is a searchable database of the rotary rigs actively operating in the United States.A rolling 2-year historical dataset is available in the program.We are unable to run custom reports for older data.Baker Hughes grants permission to reference all data retrieved from this system in reports, presentations, and websites, provided that we are cited as the source of the information.Sample citations follow below.For specific questions on using the rig count data, please call Baker Hughes Investor Relations department or email at ir[at]


The Interactive Map

The map is a robust tool that visually displays several key aspects of drilling activity.Click on any of the boxes within the Map Contents/Layers/Current Week section located at the left to see results displayed on the main map.The map data is refreshed each week - only the current week's data is available. Many end-users of the Interactive Rig Count find it useful to perform a screen capture to use the map in presentations, reports, etc.


A second way to search rigs on the map is to use the pull-down menus located just below the map.Search by State, County, Basin or Water Depth.Once the search results are displayed, click on different boxes within Layers to the left to view different aspects of the rigs (oil vs. gas; trajectory, etc.)Use the Show Attributes (located above the red X in the vertical column of icons) to view a report on those selected rigs displayed in the search results.  In the report, click Export to Excel to download.


Use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out on the map, and the Select & Refresh button to update the map.Click on the pie charts to see an enlarged view.



Navigation Buttons

 Click the plus sign to zoom in on the map.

 Click the minus sign to zoom out from the map.

 Click the hand button to pan around the map

 Click the globe button to extend the map to the rest of the world.

 Select 'i' button and click on a rig on map to get attribute information

 Click the select 'rigs by rectangle' button to highlight a select group of rigs.The map will zoom to the extent of the box drawn.

* Use the Show Attributes button to view details on either 1) the rigs selected by the rectangle button; or 2) click the Show Attributes button to view the entire US rigs with details.Click Export to Excel to download the data.

 Click the red X button to clear map selection.

 Click the Reports & Graphs button for in-depth state-by-state searching.Instructions for sample searches are included below.

Click the question button to initiate the help menu.


Searches within Reports & Graphs


Search 1 - Standard Reports


Click any of the Standard Reports and the View Reports button.A weekly summary with sequential and year-over-year comparisons are displayed, along with a chart which can be downloaded via Excel.To interpret the graph results, the gray bars start at the current week and go back to the same time last year, and the red line displays data at the same time last year back to the year prior.


Click on any of the seven gray tabs displayed at the top to view additional data.All charts displayed within the tabs are available for download via Excel.



Search 2 - Custom Reports by State


Within Reports & Graphs, click on Custom Reports, select State and ONE pull-down menu: either County or TX RR Info or Basin.Click the View Reports button.Note: only one county can be searched at a time.


Sample Citations

Baker Hughes grants permission to reference all rig count information in reports, presentations, and websites, provided that we are cited as the source of the information.Email us if you have specific questions or need written permission.


Graph/Dataset example:

Source: Baker Hughes


In-text citation:

The rig counts rose 6% year-over-year according to Baker Hughes.


Additional information

The working rig location information is provided in part by RigData

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